Our mission

Building a Culture of Learning for our Clients

PVA Consulting is a Hawaii-based firm that specializes in the human side of organizations. We provide our clients with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to nurture a culture of shared learning. Our consulting model helps individuals, businesses, and organizations to reach their full potential. We also feature specialized services for Family Owned Businesses.

Cultivating strong relationships

Our expertise

PVA provides clients with individually-tailored approaches to learning, based on more than 15 years of experience in education, human systems and behavior.

The founder of PVA is recognized as an international thought leader on the topic of familial mentoring (mentoring that occurs between family members).

In addition to his hands-on work with clients and ongoing research, he regularly speaks at local, national, and international conferences and has been an invited author for two chapters on familial mentoring for international handbooks from SAGE and Routledge Publications (book release in 2018).


The founder is an associate member of the Aspen Family Business Group, a consortium of thought leaders and experts in the family business field with decades of local and international experience.

The founder is also an independent regional associate of Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI), a European based consultancy that specializes in mentoring program development, implementation, and training.

Complex family issues simplified

PVA and its partners are intimately familiar with the complex emotional and relational issues that many family business owners face. In response, our services are highly personalized, private, and driven by our passion for cultivating strong relationships that will allow family businesses to grow and thrive.

Consulting for public and private organizations

PVA and its partners are also available to provide services to public and private businesses and organizations.

Local & global

We believe in a social approach to learning and problem solving that includes working collaboratively with experts from both Hawaii and an international network of highly talented advisors and partners.

Along with these expert partners, PVA serves clients both in Hawaii and on the continental United States.

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